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Why Does It Matter? #Workfromhome

I saw a tiktok where some "ceo" podcast guy had a speaker I didn't recognize on talking about how working from home is "not in your best interest" because you want to be "part of something" and leaders should be pushing for their teams to go back to the office. He kept saying "don't you want to feel part of something" and "be part of a #team".... and that people in positions of #leadership should be better at explaining this to their employees; why teams are important. And frankly I think everything he said was bullshit.

Team is defined as people with common goals, so the premise of what he was saying was the only way you could be part of a team is if you have butt in chairs in the same building? Hold onto your hats, because I'm about to blow you mind.... if you're a leader that can't or won't find create solutions to build teams and connections with employees other than having them in the same room with you... maybe you shouldn't be a leader!

We have always had a very dispersed team, with projects all over the country and globe. So I'm coming at this from a very different position than someone who has only ever had a one-brick-and-mortar building business, pre-pandemic. We had no choice but to improve communication with #remoteteams and ensure we found other ways than passing each other in halls to connect with our staff.

Many of the people in our office teams went to #workfromhome at the start of the pandemic. And as restrictions started to lessen and we listen to our people we realized how much they really didn't want to come back to working in an office. So we closed one of our offices completely. I as the COO, sit writing you this post from the comfort of my home office where I work every day. And yes, even with the dispersed team we have, at the onslaught of the pandemic we had to up our game on communicating with everyone. We increased virtual meetings and we even started a weekly Lunch & Learn to touch base. We had to set boundaries so people had work days that didn't bleed into their home life. But in the end, frankly I think the creative drive to find solutions to enable many of our employees to work remotely has made us a stronger team; because our employees know we care about them. The other benefit to remote working is that there is no geographic boundaries to the talent we can bring to the team. So we've hired some amazing people we wouldn't have otherwise had access to because they don't live in the same state we have an office in.

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