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Charting the Course Backwards: Wisdom's Echo

 If given the chance to send a message back through the corridors of time to our younger selves, what would we say? On the latest podcast episode of "Level Up Stronger," we embarked on this introspective quest. Our candid discussion wasn’t just about imparting wisdom; it was about connecting the dots of our life stories, and perhaps, rewriting the stars of our personal histories.

As we journeyed back, the first crossroads appeared: career choices. We pondered the chess games of professional life, the gambits and sacrifices. We reminisced about our education, that fertile ground where our roots tangled with dreams yet to blossom.

Our dialogue wove through the delicate threads of relationships. With the clarity of hindsight, we saw how each tie that bound us also taught us. We learned to distinguish the silken strands of genuine connections from the taut cords of toxic ties.

Amidst these reflections, we acknowledged the arena of mental health. We shared the armor we wished we'd had — resilience in the face of life's storms, the loss of loved ones, and the bravery to stand alone if the crowd demanded a sacrifice of our authenticity.

There were roads taken, with the echoes of our footfalls still resounding in the choices of solitude or the embrace of a child-free life. The pursuit of goals with the backdrop of an ever-changing landscape called for a script where the ink never dried — one of adaptability and openness to change.

Our younger selves needed the blueprint of financial wisdom. We didn't just need to learn to count coins but to understand their power and potential. “Don’t be dumb with money,” we said, smiling at the innocence of our past selves.

In a world often unyielding and patriarchal, we found strength in embracing our identities. We encouraged our former selves to be proud, be strong, be women, be diverse, and above all, be you in the purest, most unapologetic form.

Our closing thoughts circled back to the beginning — be open. Open to the journey, to the questions, to the wisdom that each day offered. Our advice to our younger selves was less about altering past choices and more about enriching future moments.

"Back to the Future: Wisdom for Our Younger Selves" wasn’t just an episode; it was a legacy we hoped to leave for our listeners. As you join us on this odyssey of self-discovery, remember that it's never too late to whisper to your younger self through the deeds and decisions of today.


Together, we grow stronger. Together, we level up stronger.

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