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No One Is Perfect

Even the people we think are perfect are not perfect because perfect is not attainable!

Look, our intent with this blog and the podcast is NOT to show anyone how perfect we think we are by any stretch of the imagination. We do not have it all figured out and neither do our guests. I'll be the first to tell you I'm as flawed as they come and definitely have a shit more work to do on myself and in my career. And frankly, if no one ever read a word or listened to an episode I would be cool with that because the process has been very cathartic. And I got to acquire some new fun skills along the way. I love learning new stuff and challenging myself to do new things.

I do sincerely hope that we can help others along the way, but this is as much about our growth as it is in helping others grow. I see hills and valleys, plateaus, and shear cliffs when I look at the landscape of where I have been and if I'm honest with myself all of those things are probably in front of me too; because there's no such things as perfect. But each time I worked through the resistance of one of those more challenging times I come out stronger and more knowledgeable in the end.

So where ever you're at right now; I wish you loads of good fortune, perseverance, and a hope that you find some humor in all the challenges in the end. And may the story of one of our guests help to inspire you to do something you might not have ever done before.

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