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Know Your Worth!

This is an issue especially for women in business. There are real studies on the disparity of pay between genders, (2020: Women ages 25 to 34 earned 93 cents for every dollar a man in the same age group earned on average.) this isn't new news. But I keep coming back to why do women allow ourselves to be paid less than our male counterparts for the exact same work?

I think sometimes its just a lack of understanding and comparisons. We judge worth in something when we compare it to something else. And sometimes it's our own measuring stick that is flawed. That's certainly been the case for me throughout my career.

Each time I settled for my flawed measure of a situation and allowed my bosses and the company's I work(ed) for to pay me less than I was worth; I taught them how to treat me. I showed them by settling that I was worth less. So what's holding us back... mostly fear of rejection. As women we have a basic and ingrained need to be loved and we fear being rejected. But asking to be paid what your worth has nothing to do with love it has to do with value.

We need to stop underselling our value and accepting our own limiting belief in ourselves. Understand what you're contributing the organization, in comparisons, write it out. Then take a leap, comparisons in hand and ask for the raise, ask for your true value.

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