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You're far more resilient than you think you are...

I had a conversation with my chiropractor this morning each of us commiserating on how utterly crap the week had been and it was only Wednesday morning!! Sometimes life just hands you a dump truck full of lemons while lobbing curve balls at your head. But here's the thing, and I'll say this 100 more times this year, suffering through this is a choice.

Ok, okay, I saw the lightening shooting out of some of your eyes just then... here's what I mean. Shit is always going to happen. Name one time in your life where everything, I mean everything was running completely perfectly. You can't. The different between the things that you felt good about and the things you did is your choice NOT to suffer through whatever was happening.

Its all a state of mind. I can wholly chose to focus on the negative, wallow in self pity, cry through the injustice of it all... OR... I can chose to find a silver lining, some bit of hope, put a positive spin on whatever is going on and Polly Anna that shit until I get through it. That's what Leveling Up Stronger is all about. It's realizing that you're going to have to face some resistance, someone is not going to agree with your opinion, somewhere things are going to go off kilter. But that doesn't mean you give up... keep going!

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